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2017 Top High Quality Bicycle Crossbar Double Engine Kits Panniers

Waterproof front triangle cycling frame alternative bicycle transport pannier bike backpack Transparent PVC window pocket designed for mobile phone design. Suitable for all kinds of bicycles, such as horse riding, road bikes and mountain bikes. For iPhone 6 6Plus / iphone7; S3 / S4 / S5 / S6 /...

2017 Top  high quality Bicycle crossbar double engine kits panniers

Excellent quality protection gears - Bicycle backpacks are equipped with rugged waterproof polyester materials that are difficult to break when riding bicycles or mountain bikes on the road. Riders can put clothes, shoes, mobile phones, cameras, kettles and other confidently placed in the bicycle trunk. With an extra rain pack.

As a shoulder bag and handbag - this bike rear seat bag with two side of the quality of the buckle and a strong shoulder strap, male and female riders can also be a bicycle handbag as a handbag or shoulder bag. Whichever way it looks fashionable, it works very well.

Expand and release large capacity storage - when the rider needs to place more things, this bike trunk can be expanded into a bike backpack with two side bags. In addition, open the middle of the zipper, bike tail will expand the larger storage space. Close the zipper if it is not needed. There is also a net bag with a retractable belt at the top of the bicycle trunk to securely hold the bicycle accessories, such as a mini pump.

Reduced impact design - Four-sided wall of a bicycle trunk is designed to provide a cushion to reduce the impact of riding on uneven roads. It is quite safe to put items in the bike pickpockets. There is a tail port that can hold a standard water bottle. In addition, the back and side of the reflective belt design helps to secure night riding. This bike bag is definitely one of the best bike accessories for all riders.

(3) black, red, blue bike rear bag to choose from; main room: 11.4 "(L) X 9" (wide) X 7 "(high) (high) 29 cm x 23 cm x 18 cm); side pouch: 10.2 "(L) X 1.8" (width) x 13 "(high) (26 cm x 4.5 cm x 33 cm)






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