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Analysis on the knowledge of bag fabric in shoulder bag manufacturers
Aug 03, 2017

I. polyester fiber (also called polyester fiber)

English name is POLYESTER, the main function is permeability and moisture removal function, contrast, and other strong anti acid alkaline, can resist ultraviolet light.

Two. Nylon (also known as nylon), English name NYLON, polyamide fiber. The main function is high strength, good wear resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to deformation, aging resistance. Defects are hard to handle.

Relevant objectives of fiber data:

D: Daniel, a unit for measuring textile fiber density, gram appeared every 9000 meters of fiber components (i.e., Dan Neal is lower, more fine fiber). Formula D=G/L*9000. Fiber component / fiber length *9000. Data strength target common in backpack fabric.  450D is commonly used, 500D. Data above 500D is usually used for wear prone parts. Such as the bottom of the backpack.

T: tex, referred to as "special", a unit used to measure the density of textile fibers. It refers to the number of grams of fiber or yarn 1000 meters long at the firm regain. Formula T=G/L*1000. Fiber component / fiber length *1000.

TX = RS = to shrink by tear N = P = nylon polyester fiber

TXN 1000: a very strong and wearable fabric used in climbing backpacks and large backpacks.

TXN 500: made by tightening arrangement of nylon fiber cloth, used in mountain hiking and light weight type backpack.

RSN GRID 500: TXN 500 to tear the black cloth fiber, blended woven fabric.

RSN 500: the use of nylon fiber weaving data, make similar arrangements tear cloth.

TXP 900: made of polyester fiber with 900 denier fabric, used in small and medium-sized backpack hiking backpack with simple local wear.

TXP 600: polyester fabric for years, with excellent touch and quality.

RSP 600: improved from TXP. 600, with tear fiber arrangement.

SRN 420: nylon fabric with small area, has the tear function used in the backpack cloth skill to increase the strength and reduce the knapsack components.

SRN 210: nylon fabric with small area, has the tear function used in large backpack to reduce the role of knapsack components.

MNP420: this fabric looks metallic.

1680 NYLON: this tough fabric is often used in traveling bags and computer bags.

Three. Spandex (also known as retractable nylon) English name PANDEX, the advantage is high flexibility and high flexibility, as well as excellent response. Usually, 2% can improve the fabric's sense of motion, drape and shape. The disadvantage is that the alkali is weak; after exposure to chlorine or ultraviolet light, it becomes yellow and brittle. Poor heat resistance. Often used as a supplementary material and blended with other data.

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