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Application of materials for mountaineering bags
Dec 21, 2017

Application of materials for mountaineering bags

Key depends on whether a mountaineering bags durable material, material applied to a certain extent determines the quality and grade of backpack, the application of high-tech materials continuously improve the performance of backpack, some high-end brand is not very nice material.

When choosing a backpack, many people tend to pay more attention to the color and shape of the pack. In fact, the key to the durability of the backpack depends on the material. Look from the ribbon, ribbon and the high quality of ribbon price is 3 ~ 5 times, high quality ribbon surface is smooth, the texture is soft, moderate dry sliding, bearing strength is strong, sustain tension can reach more than 200 kilograms. From the fabric, different materials texture and performance will be different, so the price will also be very different. Bags commonly used material is polyester and nylon, although the former has the characteristics of good coloring, chroma prison, but he is better than the latter on the strength, elasticity, therefore made of dacron cloth bag while also very beautiful, and the corresponding price is cheap, but quality is not as good as nylon fabric bag. Second fabric density, different quality, the price will be some differences with the 420 d fabric, 280 grams per yard common fabrics, and high density fabric weighs 410 grams per yard, and two kinds of fabrics have very big difference from the strength and wear resistance. On the friction to destructive testing of fabrics, with 500 d fabric, polyester fabric mill to 1209 turn when damaged, and dupont nylon fabric mill to 3605 RPM is damaged, the wear-resisting degree is three times that of ordinary polyester cloth. Look from the coating, low-grade backpack multi-purpose PVC coating, it will stiffen as it cools down, and high-grade bags multi-purpose PU coating fabric, its hardness has no apparent change, when it meets cold four PU coating fabrics waterproof degree can reach more than 1500 mm. The brand name pack on the market is the pursuit perfect in the material, so the performance, the quality is also better.

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