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How to buy a backpack
Dec 25, 2017

How to buy a backpack

There's always a lot of confusion before new people buy backpacks. The general recommendations are as follows:

1. What activities

Identify the activities you want to participate in before you buy a backpack. Because even in the same brand, there are many types. There are fewer migration packages and mountaineering packages (I prefer to call it light bags and heavy bags), with more punch bags, ski packs, travel packages, city leisure, rock climbing bags, etc. In general, light model suited to walk through the activities, camping, for short periods of time, pay attention to light weight, simple design, this type of backpack when weight is not more than 4, 5十 jin is a good choice. While heavy backpack is the opposite, it is suitable for high altitude mountaineering, long distance crossing, etc. The design of more consideration is the bearing performance under load condition, but often it will be heavier. If the money is not tight, of course, buy a few more backpacks for different activities (I have five different types of outdoor bags for different environments at most). If you want to buy a backpack, make sure you know what you need and what you want to participate in and decide.

2. Capital investment

Determine how much you're prepared to invest after you've been involved. Be sure to buy as expensive a backpack as possible when conditions permit (not to advocate buying expensive items, but now outdoor gear is really a dime a share). Domestic production to reduce the cost, quality is high and low, to find high quality products in these brands depends on your eyes.

3. Materials, workmanship and design

If the brand or style has been selected, see its materials, workmanship, design. On the material. Ask a clerk in an outdoor store. Second, you can use your own experience. Bag material is divided into basic fabric (is nylon or polyester), zippers (preferably YKK zipper), fasteners (clerk) garment, ribbon (Hong Kong - be applied in domestic good package), belt or shoulder pad (different kinds of EVA and design different ways can make a big difference in use). The work is depend on you to see, if a backpacking line is not neat, the line head is more, perhaps it is very difficult to let you have extremely strong confidence to it; Then there is the design, a good bag that is more humanized in design, see if you want to buy the bag to be able to make you satisfied.

Test your back.

After you've seen all of these, you may have identified the backpack you want to buy. Or one or a few, ok, it's time to try. No matter how much you want to buy, you're satisfied with your backpack. If you're not comfortable with it, it's all empty talk, so I suggest that you try it on the back before you buy it, and it's best to try it for a few more items and load it with weights. If you have time, take an hour on your back, and let your back tell you if it's right for your backpack.

5. After-sales service.

The bag is also picked, and the back is very comfortable, then the best job is to pay the money. By the way, don't forget to get the sales voucher when you pay the money, because the after-sales service is included in your price.

6. Pack and pack.

You can also ask the clerk about backpacking when you have bought a backpack. Not everyone is going to use the backpack correctly, at least I see more than 90 percent of travelers who go on a trip without the right backpack and packing. Say first backpack, to adjust it to fit you with height, sometimes even need to take out your article carry on the system to support the bending to the most appropriate your body camber (each package I will do it, to build their own backpack). Adjust the height of the center of the center of gravity, so that the Angle between the belt and the shoulder is about 20 to 30 degrees. Also, ask the clerk to teach you the correct way to get on the backpacks and backpacks (which will help prolong the life of your backpack). Another package, the most good, of course, and let the clerk give you detail, I want to let you know as much as possible the heavy objects close to the body and the upper backpack, in this way, the weight of the bag by bearing system Shared out to your shoulder, back, waist, hip, can make you more comfortable carrying. Also, it is try not to plugins, will the items in the backpack filled with (you can try deformation items will not be able to put first, and then will change of clothes, tent fill in such items will be gap), keep the center of gravity not to any one party. You'll find that your backpack is both flattering and comfortable.

Finally about where to buy, advice to formal and reputable outdoor stores to buy equipment! Ask the clerk for all your questions. A good outdoor shop will give you good after-sales service, and a good salesperson will give you the right advice and teach you about equipment. If you want to save some money to buy a group or buy in a small store, you may pay more than you save in the future!

The most important factor in choosing an outdoor outfit may be the price. There are dozens of brands, hundreds of styles, from hundreds to thousands of dollars. I have always felt that writing an article of equipment is the most fundamental purpose of guiding other friends to choose suitable outdoor equipment. Starting with this report, I have tried to treat price factors as an important choice for equipment.

According to the price division, the backpacking products can be divided into the entry-level equipment under 500 yuan, the junior equipment under 1000 yuan, the intermediate equipment between 1000 and 2000 yuan, and the top products of more than 2,000 yuan. (the classification is also not very precise, I can't be sure, but the general classification is the same).

In this case, you have to explain what a generic backpack is. So-called universal backpack, has very good bearing system, mostly from the function points can be suitable for walking, can also be used for higher, more intense activity, capacity suitable for used to carry out for a few weeks of exploration is quite enough. It's not the same as a travel series or a dedicated hiking bag that is easy to carry and not easy to cross the jungle, but not as expensive as a top product.

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