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How to choose a military backpack
Dec 16, 2017

How to choose a military backpack

A sturdy military backpack is best purchased from a travel store. The following questions should be noted when choosing a typical backpack:

A, backpack outside material is made of thick waterproof, wear-resisting, prevent light, laceration resistant materials, multi-purpose man-made fibers (Kodra) and high density Oxford Nylon fabric (Hi - density Nylon Oxford), the function of general use D to distinguish them, such as 420 D Nylon Oxford, 1000 D Kodra Nylon, etc., the higher the function, the better, more professional, the suture spray some waterproof film processing.

B, wide and thick straps, belts and back cushions, and the back pad with perspiration ventilatory slots.

C, the main inclusion product should be about 50 litres, and at least two or three side bags or top cover bags.

D, backpack ribbon is high strength backpack ribbon, with strong tensile resistance and abrasion resistance

In addition to the above requirements, the professional travel and mountaineering backpack should have the following points:

A. There are metal brackets (multi-purpose aluminum alloy material production) or external support (i.e., back frame bag, figure 3-4).

B, shoulder belt (S type), belt is made of nylon ribbon material, can be adjusted up and down, and has a chest belt.

C, the main inclusivity product should be in 50 ~ 80 liters, the main package is divided into two, can be divided goods.

D, backpack ribbon is high strength backpack ribbon, with strong tensile resistance and abrasion resistance. The zipper adopts YKK zipper backing material with double thickness net, ventilating, wear-resisting and comfortable. The belt increases the adjustment of the ladder, which is more consistent with the body's movement characteristics, faster and less effort.

The average man should at least choose a backpack that is above 50 liters, because in the outdoors, men should bear more items than women. The woman can choose a 40 litre or so, the backpack is bigger can be less, but if buy small, want to bring also not line. Therefore, choose a backpack, rather than small. Secondly, the subcontract should be selected (compound backpack) and inner bracket and belt.

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