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How to choose a travel bag?
Aug 03, 2017

Mountaineering bags are divided into large and small packages, large packages and outer frame and two kinds of inner frame, as the outer frame in the mountains travel very inconvenient, it is generally recommended to use the framework of travel packages. Take five day hike to Four Girls Mountain in Sichuan for example. It is recommended for men to use a 70 litre -80 litre bag, while women use a 40 litre -50 litre bag. The best bag with removable top bag or purse, in arriving at the camp, can be used things on top bag or pocket, put the bag in the camp, traveling light.

While carrying a big bag, heavy to fill up, seems very cool appearance will attract a lot of attention, but with only their own experience in their own body weight, shoulder tired no one for you to share, so the travel must be practical and realistic, must be "volume selection in the choice of travel packages when the package". The choice of travel package must try, is equal to the weight of the pack his things on the bag try effect, or borrow a friend's bag back try, try to pay attention to the back of his travel bag and back to, the belt and the chest belt is suitable, and men's and women should be separated and so on. Without a good travel bag, it won't fill, and it will make your back ache as well. According to the staff of the Pathfinder outdoor goods store, the general order of filling is (from bottom to top): sleeping bags and clothing, lighter equipment, heavy equipment, supplies, beverages.

When buying a travel package, it is recommended that you go to a professional store and buy it from a professional person. You must be careful when you buy it. Don't just look at the brand. Rather, don't try to make yourself comfortable. After all, you are tired.

According to the different packages of travel packages, the bags can be divided into large and medium-sized categories: large travel bags in the volume of more than 50 liters, suitable for medium and long distance travel and more professional adventure activities. For example, when you are traveling to places such as Tibet for long distance travel or mountain climbing, you should undoubtedly choose a large travel bag with a capacity of more than 50 litres. In some short trips if needed when camping in the needs of large travel bag, because only it can hold your camping tents, sleeping bags and pads. The utility model can be divided into mountaineering bags and long-distance travel bags according to different purposes.

The mountaineering bag usually has a long and thin bag, so the bag can be divided into two layers through the narrow topography, and the middle part is separated by a zipper interlayer, so that when the goods are taken away, it is very convenient. The sides and the top of the travelling bag can be covered with tents and mats outside, and the volume of the travelling bag is virtually increased. Travel bag and ice axe sets, for bundling axes, with the poles. The most worth mentioning is the bag back structure, the bag has light Aluminum Alloy support package body frame, the back of the shape is designed according to the principle of human body engineering, the strap is wide and thick, shape according with the human physiological curve of "S" type design, and prevent the back belt to the side slip the chest belt, make travel bags feel very comfortable. And they all have a strong, generous and comfortable belt with adjustable height. The user can adjust the strap to the height suitable for himself according to the figure of the user. Generally speaking, the bottom of the travel bag is positioned above the buttocks, so that more than half of the weight of the traveling bag can be transferred to the waist, thereby greatly reducing the shoulder burden and reducing the shoulder damage caused by the long weight load.

Long distance travel package structure similar to mountaineering bags, but the bag body more generous, and is equipped with many side bags, so that the object classification system is placed, long-distance travel bag face usually can be opened to take items is very convenient.

The volume of medium bag generally between 30~50 liters, these bags use more widely, 2~4 days of field trips, travel between the city and some long-distance travel non camping self-help travel bag, medium is appropriate. Carry on clothes and some daily necessities can hold. The style and variety of medium travel bags are more varied. Some bags add side bags, which are better for repacking. The back structures of these bags are approximately the same as those of large travel bags. The volume of small travel bags is below 30 liters. These bags are mostly used in the city. Of course, they are also suitable for 1~2 day outings.

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