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How to choose your own hiking bag easily?
Aug 03, 2017

1. define the type of travel

Our trip is usually large, small planning program, so we need to know the seasonal environment, the destination of our trip, the trip time of topography and climate during the trip will participate in the activities, they can clearly understand the decisions we need to take a part of something.

2. determine the basic type of mountaineering backpack

If you think you have fewer items and want to travel easily, choose a soft climbing backpack. The soft mountaineering backpack is of medium size, small size, and without any inside and outside brackets, and there is no good outdoor backpack system. It is a common backpack.

The professional mountaineering backpack is divided into two kinds, one is the outer support mountaineering backpack, the mountaineering bag has very strong external support, in the backpack and between your shoulder and buttocks play a good supporting role. More evenly, share weight between your shoulder and hips, make it more comfortable and easy to walk on a flat or difficult medium, with a lot of storage.

Second kinds of inner support climbing backpacks, such backpacks move the stent to the inside of the backpack, so that the stent and backpack closer together. It's also better to distribute the weight between your shoulder and your hips. The climbing pack makes the body more comfortable, more stable, and more comfortable, but it is less expensive than the rack.

3., pick the Mountain Backpack process

Mountaineering backpacks are personal belongings, our shop in the wild. Therefore, the choice of technology is very important. The first key climbing durable backpack depends on materials, especially the zipper edge stitch is strong, have reinforced the strap, strap buckle and the bottom of the bag. From the ribbon look, the ordinary ribbon and high-quality ribbon, the price can be 3-5 times difference, BIGPACK selection of ribbon bearing capacity of more than 200 kilograms.

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