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How to determine the quality of student bags
Dec 09, 2017

How to determine the quality of the student's bag?

The class and quality of student packages are determined in several ways.

First, work. Each corner and the pressure line are very neat, without mater and jumper, each stitch embroidery is very exquisite, this is the standard of high craft.

Second, the material of the student double shoulder bag, commonly use 1680D double ply fabrics is compared medium deviation, and 600D Oxford cloth is compare commonly commonly used material. Other materials such as canvas, 190T and 210 are usually used for a relatively simple bag type of backpack.

The back structure of the backpack directly determines the use and grade of the backpack. High grade and outdoor mountaineering or military backpacks, the back structure is more complicated, at least six pieces of pearl cotton or EVA to make air cushion, even aluminum frame. In general, the back of the backpack is a 3MM of pearl-cotton for breathable panels, and the simplest of the bag type backpack, except for the backpacking material, is without any padding material.

To sum up, the backpack is mainly the best choice for leisure and hobbies. Different levels of backpack apply to different occasions,

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