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How to maximize sports backpacker space
Dec 12, 2017

How to maximize sports backpacker space?

Get your backpack ready, put your belongings in one place, check what works and what doesn't. According to your own experience, you can determine the weight of your gym bag, not more than 25 kilograms. When walking on uneven ground, the backpack should be as light as possible. When climbing to the peak, the backpack should not exceed 10 kilograms.

The backpack must be balanced to prevent backpacks from pulling shoulder or shoulder forward bow, which can be placed on top to keep the weight straight down. Large, lightweight items can be placed at the bottom so that they do not affect the centre of gravity. In addition, because the weight is pressed on top, the backpacks will be more dense when used.

Hard objects should not be placed on the back of the back, otherwise they will be pushed directly to the back when they are in the back and will hurt their back even if they fall. It is easy to wear a backpacking cloth if it is separated by a backpacking cloth from a hard object with a back frame. The weight of the items on the left and right side of the pack should be similar, so that the center of gravity is not tilted to one side.

Raincoats, drinking water and the things you use on the day should be placed on top or most easily accessible.

Get into the habit of setting up a set point: not only do you pack faster, but you can also find what you want in your backpack even if you're in the dark.

During the day, bring waterproof items, clothes, cooking utensils, food and water. In order not to take everything out, when packing, should pay attention to proper placement, all items in the backpack must be completely waterproof and moisture-proof. Place the items in your backpack and wrap them in a separate plastic bag, then wrap them in a big plastic bag and put them in your backpack.

Keep important items like a compass, a live watch, a watch with a strong piece of rope around your neck, which is safest and easy to pick up. A backpack may be lost in an accident, but something hanging around the neck won't be lost. So get in the habit of hanging important items around your neck.

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