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Several ways of healthy backpacks are introduced
Aug 03, 2017

If a woman must use single bag, you need to "burden". Out of the house, with the more streamlined, the better to shoulder, do not feel pressure should be appropriate. Now some girls, for beauty, love lots of small accessories in the bag, some are made of metal, undoubtedly increased the weight of the bag, so suggest or hang some light weight of plush toys or simply don't what.

If you can't afford to lose weight, you should learn how to use the bag properly.

Backpack posture is: if the backpack posture is correct, then the body should be straight, head and shoulder basic integrity".

Preferred shoulder pack: if the items in the bag are too heavy, hold the bag in front of your chest. But it's better to pick backpacks and try to keep the weight close to the spine.

To make it balanced force: if you use the shoulder bag, especially the longer straps, it is better to put the bag on the belly, not on both sides.

With the hand: if the package is relatively heavy, you may choose to carry it with your hand, and often change hands. Pay attention to the left and right hand balance weight, walking hips abdomen.

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