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The structure of the backpack
Dec 20, 2017

The structure of the backpack

In Beijing in 1997 of "tourism" magazine published an article entitled "also said that mountaineering bag, mountaineering bag for the first time in the concept of the structure is divided into three parts, namely, bearing system, loading system and external system. Many articles later used this method, which proved that the division was reasonable and accurate. Most of them share different responsibilities.

Carrying system: the function of the system is to ensure the comfort of bearing and carrying.

The structure includes shoulder strap, chest belt, belt, shoulder strap, bottom force belt, support device, ventilation device and adjustment device (for short, three devices). Bearing system is the core of the content of science and technology of backpack, a backpack performance difference is largest bearing system, good performance of the backpack itself open system in design not only consider the ventilation, and facilitating strong gravity transmission, bearing and comfortable.

The perfect burden is achieved gradually. In the early days of the bearing support device, there were u-shaped tubes and double aluminum bars. The modified backpack adopts the "r" - shaped aluminum sheet and the support of the touch plate, and according to the shape of the body curve; In order to improve the bearing performance, the end of the twentieth century, Europe backpack manufacturers invented the "TCS" bearing system, this kind of bearing using alloy tube frame, choose high strength, high elasticity of titanium alloy tube shape, greatly reduce the material weight, and make its higher mechanical strength, is also a more balanced, its large volume backpack add waist support, make the bearing stress more one integrated mass. In order to solve the progress, the system designed the hollow head. In order to adapt to the different type of body type, some backpackers can be opened with a pad, which can be used to solve the contradiction between the force point of the gauntlet and the strength of the waist. The humanization design makes the "TCS" carry the system. In the performance evaluation of the mountaineering bag in Europe, the "TCS" has been the top for six consecutive years, and is known as "intelligent carrying system".

With ventilation system is one of the important indicators, with comfortable material manufacturers usually adopt soft ventilation uplift, shoulder design into soft mat, waist fulcrum place with an adjustable air cushion, make back form included longitudinal and lateral direction, thus good solve the ventilation resistance.

Bearing system adjustment device is developed on the basis of fixing device, a fixed structure can adapt to a certain height, use rise is not very convenient, so manufacturers to develop the adjustable bearing (usually found in the package). Adjustable bearing is divided into mode and the mode: the mode set the shoulder root commonly step adjustment, the mode is installed in the central belt adjusting device, the two types of regulating mode while distance can be adjusted according to shouldering form back, but is limited by a certain. To solve this contradiction manufacturers to develop the infinite adjustment type lumbar shoulder connections, before its completely overcome the limitation of two kinds of control mode, the back can according to individual needs any adjustment to the appropriate location, to find out the best feeling. There are still some brands that use a fixed structure (commonly seen in the U.S.), which they believe is more stable, using s-l different Numbers to fit the height.

The five belt function of the system is to guarantee the reliable combination of the backpack and the body, ensure the correct force transmission and support the bearing. The material, process and design methods directly affect the comfort of the burden. To ensure comfortable shoulder, manufacturers invented the "S" shoulder straps, makes the shoulder straps can rao neck and BuKa JianWo, materials with high temperature die form multilayer membrane together with elastic leica cloth outer layer, make the shoulder pads soft and comfortable; Its shoulder belt is connected by a universal body, which not only guarantees the adjustment of the center of gravity, but also meets the requirements of the bearing capacity. The chest belt is a small part of the system, but it is not an insignificant part. The main function of the breast belt is to adjust the distance between the shoulders, enhance the stability of the backpacks and help the breathing. Belt is backpack to bearing parts, usually made up of lumbar pad and belts, used design activities, fixed at the bottom of the bag with nylon belt, can remove after fine-tuning, up and down in order to find out the best combining site. The backpack-waist adjustment belt is divided into two kinds, the professional style backpack is the double band adjustment, the cross force, guarantees the backpacking bottom and waist support and the reliable combination of the waist.

The structure of the backpack-loading system is generally not very complicated. It usually consists of main bag, top bag, side bag and bag. Main bag use up more layered, i.e., the upper and middle of an opening, intermediate activity barrier, can be connected or disconnected, its superiority lies in the user can according to need to packaging items, and can be removed. The top bag of the backpack is also called the head bag, which is located at the top of the backpack. There is a single package structure and double package structure. It is very convenient to take some small items. Side, also called ear package like two ears the backpack, on both sides to plugin is convenient, some package no side package or use hidden side package design, and some use activities side package design, when used on at any time, can be removed when using plugins. The bag is attached to the front or side of the bag, which is attached to the front or side of the bag, which can be used separately.

While the loading system functions to load things, whether the design is scientific or not directly affects comfort and stress delivery. The double "V" glyph design concepts such as backpacks, is drain basket and Portugal back barrel force of Nepal, bearing bracket design yourself as on the small "V" glyph, put the bag under the shape of the main bag is designed on the big small conical, obviously the main purpose of this design is reasonable for the transfer of gravity.

External hanging system: the function of the backpacking system is to increase the number of items to be carried, conveniently hanging irregular objects.

A professional mountaineering bag, the external system is indispensable. The external system of backpacks can be divided into top hanging, side hanging, back hanging, bottom hanging, etc., usually with fixed or fixed point. A set of points or two sets of corresponding points should be set up. It is usually carried out on the front of the backpack with two exclusion bars, each set of fixed points, whose fixed items are more casual and less affected by the form. The design of professional backpacks has many unique features. A small pouch for holding up side items; Unique ice claw fixed structure and high strength puncture and puncture synthetic leather pad; To make the external system in use is convenient and durable. This rational design from practice guarantees the perfection of the backpack on the load. The reasonable use of the external system can double the capacity of your backpack.

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