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The weight principle of the backpack
Dec 19, 2017

The weight principle of the backpack?

To illustrate the backpack weight principle, we might as well make an assumption, we set two equal strength index, a personal weight is 60 kg, weight 25 kg, so the person always weighs 85 kg, another man weighing 85 kg, then withstand the weight of two people is equal. If both men walk 30 kilometers, who would have the advantage? It is certain that the freehand will be more dominant, which may not be quite reasonable, but in a sense it can be explained. Why the advantage of the unarmed? That's because the total weight of the unarmed person achieves the perfect combination with itself. According to the force law of carrying heavy objects, we can draw a conclusion that the most scientific weight is the perfect combination and reasonable gravity transfer.

So how do you achieve the perfect combination of gravity? This involves a core technology of the backpack. It is known that the core technology of backpacking comfort and load-bearing is the design of the system, and the comfort of the system and the design need to solve the problems. I believe that at least four links should be solved, namely stability, fit, ventilation and gravity transfer rationality. In fact, the four links are fused together in the design of the burden.

A. The stability requirement first determines the reasonable bearing. According to the principle of backpack bearing the flank is main ChengChongDian above the coccyx, flank connected to the top of the innominate bone is the main stress area on both sides, shoulders is auxiliary force and the area of balance, so pack to force to solve reasonable bearing pivot distribution. I think three o 'clock to support the loading mode, the most reasonable shoulder about two fulcrum arrangement can avoid backpack transverse oscillation (rotation), waist and shoulder fulcrum arrangement can avoid backpack back and forth up and down (rotation), ventilation requirements of protection as far as possible, and stability will take at least three stand, and therefore bear the bearing support is best three reasonable distribution.

B. The problem of fit is a reliable combination of backpack and body, and reliable combination is also the requirement of stability. Joint requirements is moderately elastic, pine is instability, tight coupling, so carry on the design of joint sex usually is with the connection adjust way, belt, is used to adjust the waist, hip joint, shoulder belt, is used to adjust the back at the top of the joint, adjust the backpack with bag bottom bearing belt at the bottom of the joint, adjust the backpack is at the top of the joint, with shoulders bearing belt when you're reasonably adjust the structure of the four joint stress, you feel is the backpack and organic body together.

C. Ventilation is the solution to heat dissipation. People in motion will produce a lot of heat, particularly in hot season, you will be very uncomfortable, so need to comfort cooling ventilation, to design the stability, a good package with joint sex is usually the point projection and hollows part became the air channel, make quick heat in the movement.

D. The rationality of gravity transmission: the rationality of gravity transfer is the key to the system, and the proper transmission of gravity should first understand the law of gravity conduction. Our ancestors in the process of bearing weight grope for a lot of valuable experience, like the Portuguese back wine barrel, nepalese basket, basket CaiYaoRen mountains in southern China are human ancestors carry the weight of the classic, they used to carry on the back has a common characteristic, that is shape is taper.

How to understand the cone is the most reasonable way of gravity transmission? The weight of the goods produced by the gravity effect descending, on a large of small volume, are scattered in the above items, due to the gradually narrowed from top to bottom, so the center of gravity in the gradually shrinking, the final focus to below the fulcrum, the pivot should be easy to close to the body and the size of the stress points combined with the premise, so the reasonable transfer of the most important factors of gravity is back with the shape of, so reasonable shape is on the small backpack, bearing system of the joint is also very important, of course.

After realizing the rationality of gravity transmission, we also need to understand the problem of scientific weight bearing, which means that what kind of loading method is the most labor-saving? In the media, I often see such reports, carrying bags of the world, carrying large bags of camping, objectively speaking this is wrong. Back shoulder is the concept of force bearing, gravity transfer from the shoulder to the waist, from waist to hip, from hip to the legs and feet, in fact all in force, more force transfer, increase energy consumption is not difficult to understand. If you can only bear the weight on your shoulders, it must be a shoulder sore. The scientific use of mountaineering bag should be the main load bearing force of the waist, and the center of gravity is on the waist, reducing the transmission link of load bearing force, and reducing unnecessary physical consumption. It is natural to feel comfortable on the back. The correct way to use it is to carry heavy bags. The shoulders are only balanced and assisted. We should also tell clients about our backpacks when we recommend them to them.

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