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There are standards for mountaineering bags
Aug 03, 2017

Mountaineering bag we all know, in the usual day in the use of mountaineering bag is also very wide, and the quality requirements of the mountaineering bag is also much higher, because the mountaineering bag is mainly used in the outskirts of the time we used to go so Requiring its quality is also very strict. Today, most of the mountaineering bags are sewn with a standard, the intention is to be able to qualify for its quality. Here we love the luggage manufacturers to come with us to see the norms of mountaineering bag sewing:


A. All seams are 12mm. Exceptions to special cases.


B. All cloth edges are parallel to the sewing thread. The distance is the same, the line is straight. Material side can not be more zipper edge.


C. When you break the line, go back and sew it.


D. On the line and off the assembly line is necessary to contact good, not too loose, too tight, not a loose a tight. E. The sewing is 6 needle / 1 inch, and all other sewing lines are 8 needles / 1 inch.


F. Seam line to 2 times, plus the line along the line was a total of 3 lines.


G. All Oxford belt, along the zipper, zipper tail end, zipper end to bake about. Especially the corners of the Oxford belt.


H. All threads should be cleared.


I. The name of all hardware manufacturers can not be seen, to be placed down.


J. Can not have eye.

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