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Three types of backpacks
Aug 03, 2017

Choosing a suitable backpack in a suitable situation is important in modern times. A pair of backpacks, not only can you add points, but also increase their charm value. If a wrong backpack, not only for your other points, may let your whole appearance looks very uncoordinated, so pay attention to dress up at the same time, should pay more attention to the form of backpack occasions, let Xiaobian say that three types of backpacker the occasion.

First, the clear type

This type of backpack, as its name suggests, bright colors, rich, lively style, bringing people a fresh feeling. Backpack especially in summer use frequently, summer clothes color with light coloured backpacks, collocation colorful suits, but this type of backpack, best not to choose too large style, moderate backpack, bring out the cool summer.

Two, steady heavy

This kind of bag is suitable for office workers, the main style for the classic, fashion, beautiful, color is mostly in black and gray, coffee, color is more. Considering the white-collar work need to wear a suit, and clothing color to black, white, dark coffee, so the backpack in the style and details should have a distinctive style, such as high-grade, minimalist, business, fashion and other flagship style, to improve the appearance of temperament.

Three, leisure type

This type of backpack is casual, multifunctional, portable, all-match styles, the most suitable for use to go out shopping, travel.  Backpacks are big enough in size and capacity, and fabrics are mostly cationic and jacquard fabrics. And these backpacks are extremely light and cumbersome. It's your right-hand man for shopping and traveling.

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