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Travel bags can be broken down into the number of species
Aug 03, 2017

The bag inside can be divided into backpacks, bags and bags to.

Travel bag bag manufacturers and varieties with very fine punishment in the meantime, according to the top of the outdoor store expert Rick, travel package, climbing bag and the same unusual city tour or short distance travel to enjoy the tour package package, these are not the same as the effectiveness and usefulness. Climbing bags are divided into large packages and small bags, and inside the large package, there are two kinds of outer frame and inner frame, because the outer frame is very inconvenient to appreciate in the mountains, and the same is often recommended to use the shelf appreciation package. Take the four - day walk to mount Mies, Sichuan, for example, claiming that men use the 70 liter 80 litre view pack, and Mies uses the 40 liter 50 litre view pack for five. Enjoy the best package with a removable top bag or purse, arrived in the camp, can be used things on top bag or pocket, put the bag in the camp, traveling light.

Of course the package with a big appreciation back, heavy to fill up, like a very handsome attitude will attract many eyeballs, but bear in their own weight only their own experience, shoulder tired also no one for you in charge, so the travel must be down to earth, in the selection of packages must be "the amount of appreciation choose the bag body". Select the package must appreciate the test weight, is equivalent to its weight packing stuff taste effect in the bag, probably by brothers enjoy package back try, try to appreciate the packet and its detailed back back is not close to the belt and the chest belt is not in line with, there are men and women to leave and so on.

No good travel bag, no loading, the same will make you sore back pain. According to the travel bag manufacturers, usually the same loading goods order (bottom-up): sleeping bag and clothes, the lighter set equipped with a heavier set equipped with organization, organization and materials, beverage.

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