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Type of student bag
Dec 10, 2017

Type of student bag?

1. Backpack type

Shoulder bag is to carry on the shoulder bag of a general designation, the most obvious characteristics of this kind of bag is on the back of the two root to buckle on the shoulder strap, generally in the kindergarten, primary school is widely used. According to the different material, it will be divided into canvas bag, Oxford cloth bag and nylon cloth bag. The main advantage of the backpack is convenient to carry, free hands and convenient for going out.

2. Single shoulder bag type

A shoulder bag, as the name implies, refers to a backpack with unilateral shoulder force, and a shoulder bag and a cross-body bag. Single shoulder bag is generally small, convenient to carry. Not only in school, but also can be used when shopping, so the one-shoulder bag has slowly become a fashion item. The main consumption object of single shoulder bag is mainly young people, especially middle school students, college students. But use a single shoulder bag to pay attention to the shoulder weight, so as to avoid the stress imbalance between the left and right shoulder and affect the health.

3. Electronic package type

Electronic schoolbag is a kind of derivation of the concept of the term schoolbag, the earliest reference to some novels, the literature reading website to the member's service function. This function refers to when a consumer has read a certain literary work, the work will automatically enter the bag. It can be read by consumers again, thus eliminating the unnecessary cost of reading on the website. Electronic schoolbag is an application of this function, and its meaning is more and more widespread. In many industries, many websites have applications.

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