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Waterproof bag cleaning procedure
Oct 09, 2017

Waterproof bag cleaning procedure 


1. Remove the dust from the leather surface with a soft cloth. 


2. Let the real skin eat a meal of leather imitation oil conditioner, so that the dermis will get the most effective care - to restore the real skin 

Li: soft, moistening, fullness, water proof, mechanical strength (such as tensile strength, tear strength, grain surface calving strength, etc.) greatly increased. In fact, this is also let the real skin eat full rework, help to improve its combat effectiveness, resistance 

Force. Note: oh, do best for leather, even if you use the injured skin bad cleaner, the damage to the leather are also small, but clean, will be more efficient - this is the place where experts is different, also experts 

Important contribution, because the average person is directly clean. 


3. After the care agent is naturally dry (if you apply the nursing agent on the first night and clean the next day), shake the professional leather detergent. 


4. If the small area is clean, spray the detergent directly onto the leather surface. If it is large area clean, please do not take 

With product nozzle jet, the method of time-consuming and inconvenient, so the best approach is to cleaners poured out from the bottle, loading container, such as the bowl with a large soft brush with detergent, painted directly on the leather surface. Just a moment, about 

2 ~ 5 minutes, then use similar to the toothbrush, brush such as a large soft brush brush, light falls off to dirt, note: brush is light, if the force is too large, hair brush less than real leather on the pore, pore dirt is difficult to clean. 

To the gap, we must wipe down the gap. 


5. Use clean soft cloth to recycle dirt. 


6. For more than two years, due to the large thickness of the pores, penetration will take time. Leather that USES leather to simulate oil 

When cleaning agent, because it is oil, permeability is poor, if clean effect is not ideal, can use water dilute to 1.1 bottle, namely add 10% water, shake to mix again use. In this way, water helps leather to simulate oily leather cleaner penetration, so clean 

The effect is better, the cleaning efficiency is higher, this does not hurt the skin, because the skin itself also has certain moisture content, namely the water content of the animal itself is above 10%. 

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