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Waterproof leather bag cleaning method
Dec 04, 2017

Waterproof leather bag cleaning method?

   The first thing that troubles us is that the waterproof bag is stained with oil. If your waterproof bag is colored, then we can use it

Wash and clean, directly pour the right amount of detergent and pollution, then gently brush with a soft brush, until the oil is out of oil, then clean it with clean water. If it's a white leather bag, we

It can be cleaned with diluted bleach water, and the effect is more obvious.

Ball-point pen handwriting appeared on the waterproof bag is a very common thing, in this kind of thing we also don't have to worry about completely, handwriting only need will be coated with a layer of concentration up to 95% of the alcohol or coated with a layer of egg white, and then let stand for about five minutes after the wash clean with clear water, operation is simple.


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