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What are the types of outdoor backpacks for travelers?
Dec 16, 2017

What are the types of outdoor backpacks for travelers?

The types of outdoor backpacks commonly used by travelers:

1, mountaineering bag two kinds: one kind is in volume 50 ─ ─ 80 litres between big backpack; Another kind is the volume in the 20th ─ ─ and 35 litres of small backpack, also known as the "surprise package". The large mountaineering bag is mainly used to transport mountaineering materials in mountaineering, and small mountain bags are commonly used for high altitude climbing or peak. Special mountaineering backpack is to cope with the extreme environment, elegant and unique, general inclusions gangling, package back is designed according to the body's natural curve, make the inclusion close to the person's back, to relieve the pressure of straps on your shoulders. The bags are waterproof, and they won't leak even in heavy rain. In addition, mountaineering bags are widely used in other adventure sports such as rafting, crossing the desert and so on.

2, travel bag, big bag and backpack similar but different shape of inclusions, the front of the bag can be through the zipper is opened entirely, very conducive to take put things, don't like climbing package from the lid on the top of the package will usually items into the package. There are so many kinds of small bags that you must choose comfortable, not just appearance.

3. Bicycle special bags are classified into two types: hanging bag type and backpack type. The bag can be carried either on the back or in front of the bicycle. The backpack is mainly used for bicycle trips that require high speed cycling. The bike bag is covered with reflective reflective strips to ensure the safety of the night rides.

4. This type of bag consists of a package body and an external aluminum frame. It is used for carrying bulky items such as photographic cases and gas canisters. In addition, many backpacks often indicate which sports are suitable for the signs.

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