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What is a good travel bag
Dec 15, 2017

What is a good travel bag?

Many tourists don't pay much attention to the choice of travel backpacks. It is very important to have a comfortable, durable and beautiful backpack. There are four types of backpack-type, brand, variety, bag and backrest in today's market.

Mountaineering special bag is specially designed for mountaineering, generally the body is thin long, divided up and down double layer, the bag has the support

The body of the aluminum frame, the goods are all covered by the top cover of the bag, the bag also has the ice pick sleeve, for the binding of the ice pick, the snow staff

To use. The straps are "s-shaped", with thick and wide straps and a comfortable back, with a backpack

Weight adjustable belt.

The long haul backpack is usually a rectangle, with its straps and belts similar to the bag, and also comfortable

The front of the bag can be pulled apart, it is very convenient to take things, some have side bags to put objects.

Bicycle backpack is designed for cycling travel, which is divided into two types: hanging bag type and backpack type. Hanging bag

The bags are hung on the front and back of the car. If you leave your bike midway, you can choose backpacking.

The back frame is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, especially suitable for large items such as tents and photographic cases.

The size of the backpack, after choosing the type of backpack that you need, also consider the volume of the pack. If you're going to the suburbs

Your backpack should not be less than 60 litres, because you have a set of cameras besides daily necessities

Material; If you're going on a hike, it's best to pick up 50 or more backpacks because they're in your backpack

The awning and sleeping bag; If you're away on a business trip, a 35-liter backpack is enough for you to keep your clothes on

Some everyday objects can be fitted. Suburban travel usually picks up about 35 or so backpacks, and in cities,

A 15-20 litre backpack is enough. In a word, shopping for a backpack depends on how much you bring.

The backpacking materials pack a lot of materials, which directly affect the price of the backpack, that is, the better the material, the more expensive the backpack.

The materials of the backpack mainly include: 420D Oxford nylon, 1000D nylon or 10000KODRA, 600D polypropylene, etc

Materials. 1000 d material wear-resisting, if be in the field use, can choose such material. In recent years, foreign countries have appeared

A kind of anti-tearing fabric, a backpack made of the fabric, and once torn, the broken mouth will not open wider, very much

A tourist suitable for outdoor activities.

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