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What is the waterproof cover?
Sep 27, 2017

What is the waterproof cover?

PVC (Polyvinylchloridepolymer =PVC molecular structure) is a thermoplastic resin that is polymerized by chloroethylene under the action of initiator. It's the homopolymer of vinyl chloride. Vinyl chloride and vinyl chloride are called vinyl chloride.

PVC waterproof bag is made by using the treated PVC material and the world leading waterproof bag production technology. PVC waterproof bag has the super waterproof effect, has the superior wear-resistance performance, has the excellent characteristics of cold, corrosion, easy to clean, easy to dry. PVC waterproof bag and outdoor canvas bag, nylon compared outdoor bag such as outdoor bag, PVC waterproof package is more suitable for outdoor activities, it can meet the needs of outdoor, it besides has all the characteristics of the canvas bag, he also has a super waterproof effect. At the time of outdoor activities, PVC waterproof package can better protect your mobile phone, camera, tablet, wallet, maps, clothing and other valuables, PVC waterproof bag can make you a better experience of outdoor living, from don't have to worry about the weather!!!!!

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