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Bag Six Popular Trends
Aug 03, 2017

Equipped with a satisfied bag is the dream of all women, and to achieve the dream of the key is to keep an eye on the bag fashion trends. Then love free Xiaobian to give you a simple talk about what the trend of popular bags.

Touching: popular style with mesh and transparent plastic type, simple and tough shape, medium size transparent package is often lined with bright and bright second new package of vision, giving a delicate feeling. The colors are orange, green, silver and pearl pink, is the young girl publicity personality. Advertised avant-garde trendy personal weapons.


Simplicity: the pursuit of perfection, simple atmosphere, will be popular trend. Modern material and simple lines of the blend, it produced a 3O years graceful Reiki. To knit, linen fabric, nylon and soft leather and other production of a single style handbags, can change the amazing style, more with a variety of clothing to match; can be described as the constant change, this simple to pure Charm is hard to stop.

Embroidery: the delicate, perfect embroidery patterns moved to a certain degree of hardness of the bag, can create a new visual effects. Popular patterns for the delicate oriental pattern, this handbag is quite popular with the end of the century Chinese clothing perfect match, express a noble and elegant, slim chic charm.

Animal pattern: made of a variety of cashmere fabric made of handbags, because of its distinctive texture of the soft feel and exudes the aristocratic atmosphere and access to women's favor. Production and velvet satin combination, due to stitching on the sticky leopard, striped and other suede effect, set off the gentle touch can not let people heart.

Caizhu: woven brocade first is the natural use of natural material, apricot, brown, light brown intertwined; followed by models with a larger basket-like and flat side of the main ladder, Type, the most notable is the metal hue buckle, mostly in the form of huge beads to deal with.


Turtle shells: turtle shell inspired from the watch, bracelet extended to the handbag design, very small turtle shell chain backpack, decorated with a new mane horn shape handbag, set with jewelry handle handbag, are their originality The turtle shell and the shape of the design to bring the new taste of the bag for the more shallow purple, light silver gray, pearl color, quite pretty and attractive.