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Classification And Characteristics Of Outdoor Bag
Aug 03, 2017

Outdoor backpack climbing class:

Used for high altitude mountain snow and ice rock terrain climbing purposes. The main feature is the backpack strong wear-resistant waterproof, compact structure design, pick and place items convenient, plug-in set professional and carry a solid and so on. There are also known as the technical climbing backpack. In addition, the daily rock climbing activities also need to carry equipment and rope dedicated backpack and so on.


Outdoor backpack of the hiking class:

Walking class is divided into single-day walking backpack and multi-day walking backpack. Single-day walk on the need for about 18 liters -35 liters capacity of the backpack, more than a day will need about 35 liters -45 l or so backpack. For the jungle mountain and other terrain through the footsteps. The main feature is the backpack strong wear-resistant waterproof, backpack carrying capacity, carrying a complete system, more points and so on. This group of people occupies about 80% of the outdoor sports groups, is the largest number of users.


Outdoor backpack of the ice class:

For ice and snow sports. The main feature is the backpack strong wear-resistant waterproof, compact and lightweight, bear the structure is simple, plug-binding strong, etc., there are special snowboarding and other ski equipment tied fixed set.


Outdoor backpack riding class:

Used for road and off-road cycling. The main feature is the compact structure of the backpack, carrying light and comfortable, plug-binding convenience, etc., there are helmet plug-in or built-in settings.


Outdoor backpack of the leisure class:

For outdoor recreation, general tourism or daily use: the main feature is the burden of simple structure, lightweight portable, compartment set reasonable and so on.


Outdoor backpack running class:

Running backpack is used for daily running and off-road running special backpack, its main feature is the structure is simple and compact, smaller backpack capacity, carrying light ventilation and so on. This category backpack is more professional, can choose the type is not too much, so the choice is relatively simple, daily running with a very simple to install the amount of kettle pockets, cross-country running the project to choose a special cross-country running backpack can be.

Finally, regardless of the kind of outdoor backpack, according to the travel needs, according to the season, according to the activities of the arrangement, according to whether camping, according to their own outdoor equipment volume, according to the travel environment to fully take into account the activities of equipment replacement and clothing changes Wait