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Custom Outdoor Waterproof Backpack Common Sense
Aug 03, 2017

At present, waterproof bags on the market are made of TPU waterproof fabric. TPU is Thermoplastic Urethane, Chinese name for the thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer, TPU is composed of two diphenyl methane diisocyanate or toluene diisocyanate, isocyanate molecules and polyol, low molecular weight polyol, common reaction polymerization of high molecular material. Its molecular structure consists of two rigid blocks of methane diisocyanate or toluene diisocyanate and chain extender, and two benzene diisocyanate or toluene diisocyanate etc.. The flexible chain segments formed by the reaction of diisocyanate molecules and macromolecular polyols.

TPU is a mature environmentally friendly material with outstanding high tensile, tensile, tough and aging properties. At present, TPU has been widely used in medical, electronic and electrical appliances, industrial and sports, it has other plastic materials by the incomparable high strength, good toughness, wear resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance and other characteristics. At the same time, it has many excellent functions such as high water resistance, moisture permeability, wind proof, cold proof, antibacterial, mildew proof, heat preservation, ultraviolet resistance and energy release.

Because the general backpack fabric sure waterproof performance is quite bad, even if a glass of water spilled, will seep in. Therefore, I suggest you try to choose outdoor professional waterproof backpack manufacturers, such as Bao Hui and luggage manufacturers, with the development of fashion and fashion, bags in daily life play a role is constantly improving. For many people, backpacks are a must for travel. Backpacks are often indispensable regardless of outings, shopping or business trips.

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