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Introduction Of Waterproof Bag
Aug 03, 2017

Waterproof bag or waterproof bag is when the outdoor travel is essential equipment, can guarantee the goods in the rainy days will not be wet, even rafting, canyoning, surfing, swimming, some waterproof bag is suitable for use to. So, how to choose waterproof package, in the selection of waterproof package in the process should pay attention to what place?

1. waterproof bag, the main function is waterproof

A waterproof bag on the market today, the waterproof package performance is very poor, slightly humid rain or more will put the bag is wet, so be sure to choose a good waterproof bag in the choice of waterproof bag, of course, can be a layer of rain cover.

2. waterproof package anti scraping function

The choice of waterproof bag must choose a scratch resistant, waterproof bag anti rub; when the outdoor travel, will go where the lush trees, weeds are caught in its branches package is sure there will be some things, or a backpack on the wall and the tree rest when he rubs. If the waterproof bag is of poor quality and easy to break, then you can't keep it in good condition.

3. waterproof bag's tear resistance

The choice of waterproof bag waterproof bag must choose anti tear; when the outdoor travel, we will definitely be some tents, cooking utensils, etc., are in the backpack, so if you buy a package of quality is not good, with half hard stuff, excessive tearing, or in the process of walking, with the body shaking, tearing the bag body to bear the important things on the bag The loss outweighs the gain..