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Outdoor Waterproof Shoulder Bag Are Used What Waterproof Material
Aug 03, 2017

Mention the functionality of outdoor shoulder bag, waterproof is one of the more important functional demands. And waterproof fabrics are constantly innovation, and continue to develop, not only the new waterproof fabric to be developed in the new waterproof technology began to gradually cut a striking figure.

To understand the waterproof fabric, first of all we have to know the fabric of the waterproof indicators. Waterproof standard is resistant to water pressure, the area per square centimeter can withstand the number of MM water column for one hour without seepage. General waterproof nylon waterproof only 1000-2000mm, can withstand a short rain; 5000mm longer rain; US military standards for the 7000mm. All the key indicators of water is not anti-water and water pressure and time, a simple understanding is that in natural conditions, the size and speed of raindrops and exposure to the rain time will cause different waterproof effect.