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This Backpack Can Be Inflated! Completely Airtight, Water Depth Of 50 Meters
Aug 03, 2017

When buying fragile goods, there is always a bag of air in the box, that is really not the legendary Canadian air, is used to protect the product drops. When we outdoor sports will carry some electronic products ah Han, if it can also use air protection like! Recently, an Australian outdoor brand to launch such a inflatable backpack - SUTECH PRO DRYBAG.

This bag looks like a bulging, it is because it uses a unique integrated anti-shock inflatable system. Inside the backpack has a layer of enhanced TPU material, allowing users to quickly charge and fill them. This bag is completely airtight, in the case of full of gas can withstand 50000 pascal pressure, an adult sit up completely no problem.

What can you do with gas? First is the full range of the protection of the internal items, and there is such a layer of "air cushion", electronic products sit back and relax. At the same time, this package is completely airtight to make it 100% waterproof, IP68 waterproof standards can be done under the 50 meters in the water is not a little water When filled with gas, take it as a life buoy can be.

SUBTECH PRO DRYBAG appearance using 420D and 600D durable TPU material, not only to ensure that the backpack is loaded, but also to ensure a strong, outdoor activities, small cut small rub are not in the eyes, and 71 degrees and minus 40 degrees Can be stable between the work.